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MBPA Summer Meeting July 17, 2010

  • 17 Jul 2010
  • 11:30 AM - 3:59 PM
  • East Columbia Public Library in Columbia, Maryland


  • Registration for members to attend the MBPA meeting and lunch. The registration fee covers the cost of lunch.
  • Registration for non-members to attend the MBPA meeting and lunch. The registration fee includes the cost of lunch.

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It's time for our quarterly members meeting, and we're looking forward to getting together and learning more about being a successful independent publisher in the MidAtlantic region! So pack up the ol' kit bag and join us on Saturday, July 17 at the East Columbia Public Library in Columbia, Maryland. We'll kick the day off at 11:30 am with a working lunch to take care of organizational business and get to know each other a bit.

Featured Speaker
At 1:00, we'll be hosting Phil Marcus, The Negotiation Pro™, leading his popular seminar, "Zen and the Art of Negotiation." No publisher making deals with authors, printers, distributors and bookstores should be without the skills taught in this comprehensive course.

Negotiation skills courses these days fall in two categories. The better ones teach working with the negotiation partner to find a solution that satisfies both sides' needs. That's good, but it doesn't reach the issue of negotiation partners who use tricks and tactics to manipulate and intimidate. Other courses teach how to use and parry those tricks, but not how to make a deal good for the long run. And few if any negotiation courses deal with the anxiety that many people have when sitting down at a bargaining table. What people need is training that responds to all these problems. And that's what we'll get from Phil Marcus and his "Zen and the Art of Negotiation."

Phil, an attorney for 35 years, has negotiated many deals himself. Most importantly, he has observed what others do in a bargaining situation that achieves a fragile deal that will not last, or that sends the parties home angry at each other. He'll be teaching us what he's learned works well to instead create a lasting and best outcome for everyone. So imagine the benefits to your bottom line when you learn:
  • What is a sustainable deal™, why it is important, and how to achieve it.
  • How to use elements of the Zen philosophy to relieve anxiety and focus clearly on making a good bargain, by finding Your Zen Space™ – a unique course feature.
  • How to cope with bargaining tricks and tactics.
  • How to negotiate with bullies and nutcases.

This is a course for which you might otherwise pay hundreds of dollars, AVAILABLE ONLY TO MBPA MEMBERS AND GUESTS for the cost of attending this meeting. This seminar alone is worth many times over your membership dues (so if you need to renew, NOW is the time!).

To give us time to absorb all we learn, we'll have a break at 2:15, then it's a networking goldmine with our increasingly popular Mastermind session. For an hour, you'll have access to other members' experience, knowledge and innovative ideas as we ask questions of each other about situations all small publishers are dealing with now: challenges brought on by the recession, rapidly advancing technology, sourcing quality vendors -- you name it, we'll be talking about it. So bring your questions and your brains, and check your anxiety at the door. We're here to help, and this is one of the benefits members say they're coming to value most about their MBPA memberships. If you have an issue or question you'd like to discuss at the Mastermind session, please send it to Sheila Ruth at sruth@imaginatorpress.com no later than July 14.

We'll wrap up and have you on your way by 4:00PM, with plenty of time and daylight left to get back home and enjoy planning the rest of your summer, newly armed with relevant, applicable information that will step up your game a notch or two. We look forward to seeing you there!

Directions to East Columbia Public Library, 6600 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, MD 21045. Phone: 410-313-7700:

From I-95 going south from Baltimore:
Exit onto Rt. 32 headed west. Take next exit, going north on Broken Land Parkway. Drive about a mile and turn right onto Cradlerock Way, which is a horseshoe with both entrances on Broken Land Pkwy.
From Rt. 29:
Exit onto Broken Land Parkway going east toward Owen Brown. At second light, turn left onto Cradlerock Way. Library is on the right at 6600 Cradlerock Way.

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