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  • 30 Jul 2014 5:21 PM | Linda M Layne (Administrator)

    Are you interested in networking with members of the MBPA who live near you? Following are two documents addressing membership development and the proposed MBPA Regional Member Networks. 

    Beverly Richardson, MBPA President, would like your input (see her note in the Summer, 2014 MBPA Newsletter.) Take a look and e-mail Beverly with your thoughts:

    2014 Membership Development Map

    Proposed MBPA Regional Member Network

  • 03 Jun 2014 8:55 AM | Anonymous

    As you know, we have been working on redesigning the MBPA website. The next phase involves launching an updated PUBLISHERS page that will showcase our members and help them build awareness. We will use the information in your Member Profile to populate the PUBLISHERS page, so please make sure your member profile is up to date and images are uploaded in order to maximize your visibility!

    Each listing will include: 
    • Business Logo
    • Business Name
    • URL link
    • City/State
    • Genres Published
    (For those of you who provide services to publishers, stay tuned for the SERVICES page we will launch next!)

    To ensure that you are maximizing your visibility on the website, please take a few minutes to up date your member profile, by following these 3 easy steps:

    1. Log in to the MBPA Website
    Go to www.midatlanticbookpublishers.com and use the blue box in the bottom left area of your screen to log in with your e-mail address (hint: it's the same e-mail address where you received this newsletter) and your password (if you have forgotten your password, please see step 1A). Please note: If you have a new or different preferred e-mail address, you can change it when you update your profile information.

    1A. Forgot your password? 
    If you have forgotten your password (or never set up a password), just click on Forgot Password next to Login buttonYou'll be taken to a screen where you'll need to type in the same e-mail address as Step 1 and then a code. Then you will be e-mailed password set up/reset instructions. Once your new password is set up, go back to the website and proceed to log in.

    2. Edit Your Profile
    Once you are logged in, click on View Profile (small print under your name in the blue box). You'll be taken to a screen where you need to click on Edit Profile and update any of the information fields on the tabs shown. (Note: You have to click on Save at the bottom of each tab screen, whether you've changed anything or not, to be taken back to the member profile dashboard.)

    3. Upload Your Images
    For your business logo, please upload an image in your "Profile" tab under "Social Media" where it reads "Photo" OR create a photo album called "Business Logo" in your "Member Photo Albums" tab and upload it there. (TIP: If you have some extra time to upload images and want to get a head start on something else we'll be announcing this summer, consider creating a photo album for each genre you publish and upload your book cover images accordingly. Name your image files with the titles of your books!) 

    Be sure to click the Save button! 

    We have a volunteer who has offered to help update profiles for the very few members who are still not acquainted or comfortable filling out online forms, so just
    Pub2014_mbpa@verizon.net and let us know. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with what information we have on file so you can provide us with updates by e-mail. NOTE: This personal service is reserved for the novice web user, only!  If you are just short on time or staff to go to our website and update your member profile, please understand we are a volunteer organization with our own businesses to run--we're in the same boat! Consider the investment of time in this process to be an investment in the marketing of your business! Our goal is to help you shine!
  • 08 Apr 2014 10:03 AM | Anonymous
    The Maryland Writers' Association Conference
    Isn't Just for Writers 

    Katherine Pickett

    “Feed Your Writing Habit” is the theme of this year’s Maryland Writers’ Association (MWA) annual conference, and the bounty of resources for writers is impressive. The conference, which takes place Saturday, April 26, 2014, in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, features presentations on topics ranging from the ethics of memoir writing to how to be interviewed on radio and television, as well as practice pitch sessions with agents and a keynote address from screenwriter and author Rafael Alvarez. To be sure, writers of all genres and backgrounds will have plenty to feast on at this event.

    But local writer’s conferences like this one don’t only benefit writers.

    Alix Moore, president of the Montgomery County chapter of MWA, is one of more than 30 expert speakers to present at the conference. As a teacher, speaker, and published author (Tapping the Well Within: Writing from Your Source of Effortless Creativity, Deep Wisdom, and Utter Joy), she brings valuable and wide-ranging knowledge to the MWA.

    Carolee Noury is vice president of the state board of the MWA as well as vice president of the Montgomery County chapter. She is both a career counselor and a freelance writer, and her work with MWA has been instrumental in putting the conference together.

    I interviewed both women last month about the MWA conference, how it benefits writers, and why publishers should take note of local writer’s conferences. Here's what they had to say...

    Katherine Pickett: What does the theme of this year’s conference, “Feed Your Writing Habit," mean to you?

    Carolee Noury: The theme came up when Paul Lagasse (MWA president and conference co-chair) and I were talking about how often local writers talk about writing being a hobby and an expensive one. I think it's important for aspiring novelists to know there are other markets for paid writing, many that are much easier to break into and are just as rewarding (if not more). There are many opportunities here in Maryland and I'm excited to introduce them to our conference participants. Not to worry - there are still plenty of great workshops and networking possibilities for aspiring and established novelists.

    Alix Moore: I love how MWA has organized the conference into three tracks: art, craft, and business. Those are truly the three areas in which all writers need to grow. I think the conference offers us a chance to come together in community but also to gain solid information about the profession of writing in all its diversity. We should leave inspired, but also better informed. How perfect is that?

    KP:What does the MWA conference offer that some of the other writer’s conferences in the area don’t?

    CN: Jessica Sinsheimer, one of the agents who will take practice pitches and be part of the agent panel, is a warm and encouraging professional. Each year she's been part of our conference, the rave reviews have poured in. We have three other agents who are new to our conference and come highly recommended. This is a wonderful place to step out and do your first pitch.

    Also, we've approached the conference in the mind-set of networking opportunities. We'll provide many chances for speakers and guests to get to know each other. For example, there are several panels where audience members get to participate by asking questions, and there are 15-minute breaks between each session. For people who are not sure how to network, the spring conference edition of Pen in Hand (MWA Newsletter: http://marylandwriters.org/news.php) will have a list of questions to get them started.

    KP:Alix, as a presenter, what do you hope to learn from the conference?

    AM: I have three goals for the conference:

    1. To deliver a great workshop that gives my audience some new tools and resources for coping with writer’s block
    2. To learn from the other presenters - I’m already planning out my day
    3. To network! I’ll be packing my business cards, and I intend to make some new friends and new business contacts

    KP:Why should local publishers care about writer’s conferences like this one?

    AM: Contacts, contacts, contacts! You never know when you’re going to meet someone with whom you will work in the future. Writers and publishers don’t have to compete with each other - we can join together to support our readers and nurture new and established writers. Conferences are a great way to meet writers, editors, agents, and other publishers and to begin to build those mutually beneficial relationships.

    CN: The Maryland arts scene has so many talented writers. There's a strong chance publishers will be able to meet their next authors here. Many MWA members take writing seriously - attending workshops, conferences, classes, and getting professional feedback. Beyond our members, it's a great opportunity for local publishers to meet other industry professionals. The conference website has the full list of distinguished and (primarily) local speakers, panelists, and agents.

    KP:How can someone become a presenter at the next MWA conference?

    CN: The best doorway to our conference is to connect with our local chapters. If you conduct an interesting, helpful presentation at a chapter meeting, recommendations travel quickly within the MWA. Many of this conference's speakers were recommended by MWA members.

    To learn more about the event and to register, visit http://marylandwriters.org and click on “Annual Conference.” To contact Carolee, e-mail her at vicepresident@marylandwriters.org.

    Katherine Pickett is the owner of POP Editorial Services, where she offers copyediting, proofreading, and developmental editing to authors and publishers across the country, and co-owner of Hop On Publishing. She is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Book Publishers Associationand serves on the board for the Montgomery County chapter of the Maryland Writer’s Association. Her book, Perfect Bound: How to Navigate the Book Publishing Process Like a Pro, is due out this fall.

  • 07 Mar 2013 9:16 AM | Anonymous
    MBPA Members: 

    On Tuesday night, MBPA's board held its bi-weekly meeting. While a lot was discussed, the focus of the meeting centered on our approach to restructuring. All were in agreement of the importance of a timely decision, given our recent momentum and the increase in volunteerism. Following is the resolution we discussed: 

    Understanding the intent of the prior board of directors of MBPA to address the status and structure of the organization within the 2013 calendar year, we, the current board of directors, upon careful consideration with input from prior board members and feedback from the current membership, have hereby decided to:

    Option A: Keep the MBPA organization intact, but promote the concept of regional face-to-face meetings within MBPA's service area. Those locales that wish to organize meetings within the MBPA service area shall assign a group leader who will interact with the MBPA board, maintaining communications about the activities and events in the region and about any other interactions required by MBPA. This option serves the purpose of continuing to leverage MBPA's scale for those services that benefit most from a large, diverse membership, while simultaneously promoting local social interactions. 

    Option B: Keep the MBPA organization intact, but reduce the service area to Northern Virginia (DC suburbs), Maryland, DC, northern Delaware and southeastern PA (Carlisle to Philadelphia). This area is effectively within 100 miles of Baltimore, MD. Any members outside of the new service area may continue to be members, or may request a refund of their dues. All face-to-face events will be within this service area. Members in New Jersey, northern and western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and southern Virginia, are encouraged to form their own affiliate organizations.  

    Option C: Split the MBPA organization into several smaller affiliates. The board shall engage the restructuring committee to investigate and propose a course of action within 90 days.  

    Option D: Disband MBPA.


    We quickly ruled out Option D. No one present wished to see MBPA go away. We also quickly dismissed Option C. We felt it was too difficult a path from a legal and accounting perspective. Our discussion was then about the merits of options A and B. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a large service area, the need for face-to-face interaction and the value scale brings to an organization. We considered member feedback from the recent survey and discussions and seriously considered the advice of past presidents and board members. In the end, we decided Option A was the best path forward at this time.  

    While we don't have a lot of details -- our next meeting on March 18 will address the topic -- we are very excited to proceed with an approach that permits the creation of local chapters within MBPA whose mission will be to provide opportunities for face-to-face events and meetings. We are also excited to consolidate within the greater MBPA organization our regular events, focusing on leveraging our scale where appropriate. Option A is a "hybrid" approach to the issue the organization was facing and addresses all of the concerns provided we can actually plant the seeds of some chapters in key areas of our region. 

    Regarding the chapter concept, while we have not formally agreed to any specific guidelines, we should begin thinking about the possible activities that could occur in those settings - attendance at book fairs, discussion groups, co-marketing events, author-focused events, hosting of MBPA annual events, etc. These collaborative activities will serve to strengthen our organization and provide opportunities to make new friends and work together in this dynamic time for our industry. 

    The greater MBPA organization will now focus on online activities, an annual member meeting, sponsorship of certain chapter activities and the relationship with IBPA.  

    We sincerely thank you all for your input. We also ask you for your support of this decision, knowing some recommended a different course of action. We promise to provide more details as soon as they are available. Let's take MBPA to the next level together -- a larger organization with valuable interactions, leveraging our scale where appropriate, and providing the local interaction we all enjoy and cherish.


    Lawrence Knorr 
    President, MBPA 
    President/CEO, Sunbury Press, Inc.

  • 26 Feb 2013 10:32 AM | Anonymous
    Want to learn how to grow your 
    publishing business?

    Join us for the next online EduSession...

    MBPA President Lawrence Knorr, the owner of Sunbury Press, Inc. of Mechanicsburg, PA, will be presenting his methodology for growing from a self-publisher to over 100 authors and nearly 200 titles in just 3 years. If you are interested in growing your independent publishing operation - whether you currently have one book or one hundred, this session is for you.  Lawrence will cover the following topics:
    • The truth about selling books in the digital era
    • How to sell more books right now 
    • Disadvantages of the self-published author 
    • Why growing your press is the key to success
    • The future of self/independent publishing
    • Things to think about when growing your press
    • Publisher / Author relations in the digital era
    • How to efficiently ensure quality of your products
    • Trends you should be planning for right now
    •  And much more...
    When: Wednesday, March 20th at 7-8 pm
    Where: Online
    Cost: $10 (MBPA members); $15 (non-members)

    About the presenter:
    Lawrence Knorr, MBA PMP CCP, the current President of MBPA and President of Sunbury Press, Inc., is also an adjunct professor of Business and Economics at Wilson College and an IT executive for Ahold USA, the leading grocery chain.  He started Sunbury Press as a self-publishing operation in 2004. In 2010, he transformed the company with his digital-based rapid growth business model.  The company grew over twelve fold in three years without taking a dime from authors or a nickel of outside investment. This year, the company will make its first appearance at Book Expo America in New York.  Also, one of the company's titles, "The Cursed Man" by Keith Rommel, is being made into a Hollywood movie and may be released later in the year.

    Sunbury Press, Inc., headquartered in Mechanicsburg, PA is a publisher of trade paperback and ebooks featuring established and emerging authors in many fiction and nonfiction categories. Sunbury's books are sold through leading booksellers worldwide.
  • 21 Feb 2013 11:16 AM | Anonymous

    MBPA's new board is in place and we're already working hard to make sure that this organization continues to bring you valuable programs and benefits. But we can't do it alone. During last night's MegaMind we discussed how critical volunteers are to the future of this organization, and several members stepped up and offered to help. Through our recent survey, we were happy to learn that many of you are willing to contribute your time and expertise to the betterment of MBPA, so I wanted to tell you about our current needs:

    Immediate Need:

    I. Planning the Spring Members' Meeting 

    This in-person meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th at 10am - 4pm. We need volunteers to help with:

    • Identifying a meeting location and securing a room
    • Making arrangements for food and refreshments
    • Coordinating speakers and developing the agenda

    On-going Needs:

    I. Serve on a Committee

    We need volunteers to serve on the following committees:

    • Membership & Benefits – This committee develops new members, retains existing members, promotes MBPA to the independent publishing community in our territory, and develops relationships with outside product and service providers to create and promote benefits for our members.
    • Programs & Events - This committee organizes, promotes and runs our internal events (such as Members' Meetings, EduSessions, and MegaMinds) and external marketing programs and exhibits (such as book festivals, literacy celebrations, and organizing a tradeshow and awards competition).
    • Communications & Interactive– This committee updates the MBPA website and social media sites, produces our e-Newsletter and program catalogs, and manages our affiliate relationship with IBPA.

    II. Share Your Expertise

    We are fortunate that our members have a wealth of experience in the publishing industry. Please consider sharing your expertise with the rest of the group by:

    • Presenting at an upcoming EduSession
    • Moderating a MegaMind
    • Speaking at a Members' Meeting

    We all face the same challenge: there aren't enough hours in the day. But being a volunteer isn't about having the time; it's about having the heart. We all want MBPA to continue to be a successful organization, but that can't happen without your help. Any amount of time that you can donate, no matter how little (even 1 hour per week!), will go a long way in ensuring MBPA's continued success.

    To volunteer for a position or discuss an opportunity, please contact Erika Liodice at erika@erikaliodice.com or 484-626-2931.

  • 11 Jan 2013 2:18 PM | Anonymous
    It's that time of year -- most of us have cabin fever, we're hoping for a January thaw and thinking ahead to when the snow goes away and the warm weather returns to the MidAtlantic. While many people are poring through seed catalogs and sharpening their garden spades, publishers among us are preparing their 2013 marketing plans, which may include exhibit opportunities to get our books in front of consumers. 

    Here are a few festivals we're aware of that you might want to check out. Feel free to start a topic and add more in the Discussion Forum!

    Winter Festivals
    Spring Festivals
    Summer Festivals
    Fall Festivals
  • 29 Nov 2012 1:15 PM | Anonymous
    Just a note to let everyone know that due to technical issues with the AnyMeeting interface, I was unable to record last night's EduSession. Apologies to those who wanted to access it later. I may be offering this session again as a webinar through my consulting business in the future, and if so, I'll let everyone know. Thanks - Mary
  • 03 Oct 2012 10:07 PM | Anonymous
    This post provides information you can use throughout your day as a publisher.

    Ever run into an acronym you don't recognize and wonder what it stands for? Visit Acronym Attic. Its search function allows you to discover its meaning, or to look for a specific word in the database of meanings.

    Though everyone knows young adult fiction is a healthy and quickly growing category, there's an untapped market out there for older readers. Baby Boomers number around 78 million in America, and represents about three times the number of teenagers in our population. This aging demographic is also growing at a much faster rate than the 24-44 age group. What does this mean for us book publishers? Large print will be more in demand (a non-issue for eReader users, since font size is instantly adjustable in digital). It also means a growing desire for more mature subject matter in both fiction and nonfiction.

    Wondering how well your authors are promoting themselves? Set up Google Alerts on their names and book titles. This free service is quick to set up, immediately activated and tremendously useful in tracking your authors' and books' visibility. Google has an easy-to-follow instruction list for getting started. The hardest part is choosing keywords and phrases. Do it now -- 5-10 minutes is all it takes!
  • 27 Sep 2012 1:45 PM | Anonymous
    In case you don't check your email often, please do so to get the recent notice of a significant change in MBPA. Your board is planning to partition the group from a large, monolithic one trying not quite successfully to serve 6 states and the District of Columbia into several (initially smaller) groups located more local to smaller service territories. We've set up a topic for this issue so you can discuss it with board members and the rank-and-file in our Discussion Forum. Please avail yourself of this opportunity to engage in a productive dialogue by adding your ideas for the best approach to take to make this a successful transition.

    Thanks -

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