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03 Oct 2012 10:07 PM | Anonymous
This post provides information you can use throughout your day as a publisher.

Ever run into an acronym you don't recognize and wonder what it stands for? Visit Acronym Attic. Its search function allows you to discover its meaning, or to look for a specific word in the database of meanings.

Though everyone knows young adult fiction is a healthy and quickly growing category, there's an untapped market out there for older readers. Baby Boomers number around 78 million in America, and represents about three times the number of teenagers in our population. This aging demographic is also growing at a much faster rate than the 24-44 age group. What does this mean for us book publishers? Large print will be more in demand (a non-issue for eReader users, since font size is instantly adjustable in digital). It also means a growing desire for more mature subject matter in both fiction and nonfiction.

Wondering how well your authors are promoting themselves? Set up Google Alerts on their names and book titles. This free service is quick to set up, immediately activated and tremendously useful in tracking your authors' and books' visibility. Google has an easy-to-follow instruction list for getting started. The hardest part is choosing keywords and phrases. Do it now -- 5-10 minutes is all it takes!
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