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Update Your Member Profile...In Just 3 Easy Steps!

03 Jun 2014 8:55 AM | Anonymous

As you know, we have been working on redesigning the MBPA website. The next phase involves launching an updated PUBLISHERS page that will showcase our members and help them build awareness. We will use the information in your Member Profile to populate the PUBLISHERS page, so please make sure your member profile is up to date and images are uploaded in order to maximize your visibility!

Each listing will include: 
  • Business Logo
  • Business Name
  • URL link
  • City/State
  • Genres Published
(For those of you who provide services to publishers, stay tuned for the SERVICES page we will launch next!)

To ensure that you are maximizing your visibility on the website, please take a few minutes to up date your member profile, by following these 3 easy steps:

1. Log in to the MBPA Website
Go to www.midatlanticbookpublishers.com and use the blue box in the bottom left area of your screen to log in with your e-mail address (hint: it's the same e-mail address where you received this newsletter) and your password (if you have forgotten your password, please see step 1A). Please note: If you have a new or different preferred e-mail address, you can change it when you update your profile information.

1A. Forgot your password? 
If you have forgotten your password (or never set up a password), just click on Forgot Password next to Login buttonYou'll be taken to a screen where you'll need to type in the same e-mail address as Step 1 and then a code. Then you will be e-mailed password set up/reset instructions. Once your new password is set up, go back to the website and proceed to log in.

2. Edit Your Profile
Once you are logged in, click on View Profile (small print under your name in the blue box). You'll be taken to a screen where you need to click on Edit Profile and update any of the information fields on the tabs shown. (Note: You have to click on Save at the bottom of each tab screen, whether you've changed anything or not, to be taken back to the member profile dashboard.)

3. Upload Your Images
For your business logo, please upload an image in your "Profile" tab under "Social Media" where it reads "Photo" OR create a photo album called "Business Logo" in your "Member Photo Albums" tab and upload it there. (TIP: If you have some extra time to upload images and want to get a head start on something else we'll be announcing this summer, consider creating a photo album for each genre you publish and upload your book cover images accordingly. Name your image files with the titles of your books!) 

Be sure to click the Save button! 

We have a volunteer who has offered to help update profiles for the very few members who are still not acquainted or comfortable filling out online forms, so just
Pub2014_mbpa@verizon.net and let us know. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with what information we have on file so you can provide us with updates by e-mail. NOTE: This personal service is reserved for the novice web user, only!  If you are just short on time or staff to go to our website and update your member profile, please understand we are a volunteer organization with our own businesses to run--we're in the same boat! Consider the investment of time in this process to be an investment in the marketing of your business! Our goal is to help you shine!
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