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  • 07 Jul 2009 11:53 PM | Anonymous
    Publishers Weekly announced this week the entry of yet another eBook reader to the marketplace.

    The Ditto Book is a nonwireless e-book reading device that looks a bit like the Amazon Kindle 2 but has a price ($249) that’s more like that of the Cool-ER, a similar nonwireless e-reading device that debuted at BookExpo America this year.  (The Amazon Kindle 2 sells for $359.) Like the Kindle, The Ditto Book has a 6-inch black & white e-ink screen; long battery life and can read both text and PDF as well as play MP3 sound files. On the other hand, like the Cool-ER, the Ditto Book offers an expandable SD card slot that kicks its memory up to 2 GB of storage. Read more...
  • 07 Jul 2009 11:46 PM | Anonymous
    Those of us who may be thinking about making our titles searchable via Google Book Search have yet another development to consider. According to Publishers Weekly:
    Google is rolling out a set of new features for its Book Search that will make searching and previewing books even easier. Google spokesperson Jennie Johnson says that users can now imbed a full preview of any full view title found in Google Book Search on their personal blogs and websites. This new feature makes it easier for non-techie readers to add a full preview to their sites or e-mail or text message a preview to a friend.
  • 11 Jun 2009 4:57 PM | Anonymous
    Wanted to share a re-cap and some photos with all our members who couldn't make it last Saturday to the members meeting held at the public library in Bel Air, Maryland.

    First of all, thanks to board member Donna Wessel for arranging the conference room and lunch at a nearby Italian restaurant (yum!) It was a delicious, casual meal in an atmosphere that provided a measure of privacy for our group while encouraging conversation.

    MBPA Luncheon.jpg
    Marc Gave, Joe McCarthy and Annmarie Kelly enjoy their lunches and lively conversation.

    MBPA Members Lunch.jpg
    Peg Silloway, Joanne McCarthy, Shelia Ruth and Donna Wessel
    get to know other members at the pre-meeting luncheon.

    Toward the end of the luncheon, Annmarie Kelly, our newest board member, helped us relax with a fun movie trivia quiz. Then it was time to move to the conference room at the library. Most of us walked the two easy blocks to the nice facility, where the room was set up.

    Annmarie Kelly.jpg
    Board member Annmarie Kelly helps break the ice with some
    very useful "getting to know you" exercises with take-hmoe value.

    Annmarie continued with some introductory icebreaker activities that were very interesting and helpful. I think everyone really got something worthwhile out of the exercises. I know I came away having learned something about myself. Then it was time for MBPA president Shelia Ruth's presentation on social media marketing for small publishers.

    Sheila shared her significant experience and knowledge about what social media is, what it's not, and how best to use it to promote your publishing company and your titles, as well as how to leverage your staff's expertise to build visibility in the marketplace. She specifically covered blogging and the use of popular micro-blogging app Twitter, the newest media darling. She also covered how to use FaceBook, and what not to do so you can stay out of trouble. I know for myself, having dabbled in these, I was grateful for the guidance of someone who knows the pitfalls and made it a much less scary place to be on the Web.

    Sheila Ruth.jpg
    President Sheila Ruth expounds on the virtues of Twitter, FaceBook and blogging
    in her fascinating presentation on the value of social media to small publishers.

    Shelia invited me to step in at this point, because I have a bit more experience with LinkedIn, a social networking app aimed primarily at business owners and employees. I shared what I know about how to maintain a professional profile and how to use LinkedIn's connections to help run and build your business and establish a professional reputation.

    There was so much information to be shared that we ran a bit late, and some members had to leave at 4:00, but some of us stayed on a bit later to absorb all we could. Then we finished up with Annmarie's "getting to know you" exercise, exchanged business cards, and were on our way!

    Denis Garrison.jpg
    Denis Garrison of MET Press, first in the room for the meeting,
    listens with rapt attention to the presenters.

    I think everyone who attended will agree that the day was worthwhile, jammed wih useful, actionable information, and went way too fast! I strongly urge anyone who couldn't make it to try hard to make our next event. We're planning for another in September.

    Oh, and PLEASE make sure you've updated your contact information in your member profile!! I can't stress enough how important this is, since we do our main contacts via email. If you never received an invitation to this event, it's because our posts bounced back and we couldn't reach you by phone. If you don't provide active, functional email addresses that you check regularly and current phone numbers in your profile, it's difficult for us to reach you in time to help you get the most value out of your membership. So don't lose out -- update today -- and we'll see you at our next member event!

    Mary Shafer
    MBPA Secretary

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